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Dredges and Drafting: Shadows Over Innistrad Removal

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Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog series: Dredges and Drafting! My name is Andrew and I’ve been playing Magic the Gathering off and on since original Mirrodin. Here, I plan to focus on my favorite formats, Modern and … Continue reading

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Drafting in Small Numbers

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Ever since I was exposed to the format, cube drafting has been my favorite way to play Magic. I love having access to a very different type of deck every time I sit down to play, and there is also something … Continue reading

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RTR Block Draft Report

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In the past few weeks I’ve played in a handful of drafts, going 3-0 in most of my paper drafts and averaging 2-1 in my online drafts. I’ve also read a few articles on the format and watched a dozen … Continue reading

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Wednesday Night Draft at The End Games

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Hey guys, here’s a report of my first RTR Block draft. Here was my decklist: Gutter Skulk Doorkeeper x2 Wind Drake Hired Torturer x2 Corpse Blockade Sewer Shambler x2 Ogre Jailbreaker Desecration Demon Golgari Longlegs Voidwielder Death’s Approach Agoraphobia Crypt … Continue reading

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Fog’s Draft Spot

Fog’s Draft Spot Let’s look at black in Return to Ravnica for drafting. Once again we’re looking at commons and uncommons that you’ll run into during a draft and we’ll see what’s worth scooping up and what’s worth leaving be. … Continue reading

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