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Fog’s Draft Spot

Fog’s Draft Spot Let’s look at black in Return to Ravnica for drafting. Once again we’re looking at commons and uncommons that you’ll run into during a draft and we’ll see what’s worth scooping up and what’s worth leaving be. … Continue reading

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December Events List!

Saturday 1st – Board Game Tournament Sunday 2nd – Mini Masters @2PM $5   Saturday 8th – Warhammer Fantasy @10PM $10/12 Sunday 9th – Dystopian Wars Legendary Battle 1500 Points/person $5/6 @11AM French EDH $10/12 @2PM for a Revised Bayou! … Continue reading

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Fog’s Draft Spot

In this draft spot, we’re taking a look at the blue cards of Return to Ravnica. We won’t talk about the rares because if you see a good one, take it. In general, don’t forget to draft mostly creatures and … Continue reading

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Halo 4 Tournament. How it’s all going down @TheEnd

Not only do we happen to be fans of the Halo series, but we have a few customers who want to “bring it”. If you are one of those people, want a chance to win some cash, or just want … Continue reading

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