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Dredges and Drafting: Shadows Over Innistrad Removal

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Hello everybody and welcome to my new blog series: Dredges and Drafting! My name is Andrew and I’ve been playing Magic the Gathering off and on since original Mirrodin. Here, I plan to focus on my favorite formats, Modern and … Continue reading

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Heroclix: Plan and Execute – Tie-Ups

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Last month’s World’s Finest set gave us some great, inexpensive tie-up pieces. But what exactly is a tie-up piece? This article’s going to identify this niche piece and show you how to use them. What is it? Tie-ups are a … Continue reading

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“I deserved to lose.” Learning to lose with grace

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I’ve had a rough go of things lately in the world of Magic. I’ve been playing this game off and on for the last two decades, and I’ve never run into such a string of bad luck when I’ve put … Continue reading

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Yang Talk w/ Tom B. & the Funky Bunch – Episode 5

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The crew is back with more inane commentary on anything and everything. Let us know what you think and well keep bringing you more of whatever. Featured this Episode: Top Ten Places to eat near the shop The Rocky Franchise … Continue reading

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Heroclix: World’s Finest

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A couple of weeks ago marked the first Heroclix release of 2016: World’s Finest. While the set is officially centered on Batman and Superman, the set is much heavier on its subthemes: Metal Men, Doom Patrol, and Mystics. The chase … Continue reading

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