The End Games will help you start a Board Game Library at your business!

Contact us with any questions or to set up a Board Game Library or Night
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Rent Tables at The End Games

We have many extra tables for rent and we’re very easy to work with! We have 6′ and 8′ white folding tables with the best rates in Charlottesville.

Daily Rental Rates

6′ Table $6.99 each

8′ Table $7.99 each

Please contact us with any questions or to reserve tables.

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The End Games now can run a RPG game for your group/business.

Do you have a group or a business that would love a RPG event run by a professional at a place of your chosing. These adventures can be tons of fun, can bring a team closer together, and is an amazing experience. We will send a Game Master to run an RPG game(we have several to choose from including Dungeons & Dragons) at a place of your choosing. We will bring premade characters, miniatures, maps, source books, and dice to the game. Our Game Master will take your group on an adventure to other lands and times.


2 Hour Session $125

4 Hour Session $199

Please email us if you have any questions or if you are interested in setting up a RPG Game Night!

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Black Friday & Small Business Saturday Sale

The time of year for finding that perfect gift is once again upon us! If you are searching for that something special for your Family or Friends, we have an exciting Sale that may be of interest to you.


For both Friday(29th) and Saturday(30th) we will be giving out store credit bonuses for purchases over certain amounts.

Spend Receive
$25 Cash $5 Credit
$50 Cash $10 Credit
$100 Cash $25 Credit
$200 Cash $60 Credit

-Each tier met in cash will add the corresponding amount of store credit to your account for use on a separate purchase. Any credit earned may not be applied to the purchase itself.

-Buy any board game and you will get to pick an item from our Board Game Promotional materials stash.


This year besides the Sale we are hosting a number of FREE events on Small Business Saturday that are open to all who wish to participate.

RPG Royal Rumble! Come battle against fellow RPG’ers in a one on one combat game. Fifth Edition Dungeons and Dragons will be the system used, and there will be prizes for the top placings. Starts at 2PM

Warhammer: Age of Sigmar narrative event. The local community will be playing in their continuing story line campaign event. Come check out the game and participate in some dice throwing. If you would like to play one of the other games in the Warhammer universe, there will also be 40K Kill Team armies available for play with some of the veteran players ready to teach the game. Starts at Noon and goes until completion.

Don’t worry Magic players, we didn’t forget you. We will be hosting a one day Commander event using our League points system. Come play as many multiplayer games as you want within the time frame allowed, and accrue points towards standings. Prizes will be awarded to top finishers. Starts at Noon, and finishes at 8PM. Players can show up and leave at anytime during this time period to play in the event.

If you have any questions please feel free to call us at (434)973-2205, email us at, or find us on Facebook at

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Watch the crew battle some House of Danger!

Check out our Youtube Channel! and subscribe!

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D&D Intro to Ravnica

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Check out our group’s Ravnica D&D playlist on our youtube channel! Check out our Channel here!

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TEG Community Facebook Groups

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Join us! Finding people to play your favorite games with can be a daunting task. Luckily we here at TEG try to facilitate this process a bit. Beyond having play space available 7 days a week at no cost, we … Continue reading

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MTG Standard PPTQ Top 8 Decklists

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This past Saturday (Oct. 27th) The End Games hosted a Magic the Gathering Standard format PPTQ. With a brand new format still shaking out, the competition was fierce. After the initial Swiss rounds there was a cut to a single … Continue reading

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Meet the Staff of The End Games

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     The End Games has been growing for over 8 years now!  We owe this to our great community of gamers, our town of Charlottesville, and our amazing staff.  We want you to meet the employees, the ones that … Continue reading

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Pathfinder Character Creation – How to Video

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Come along with Grimsy and Will as they teach you the ins and outs of Pathfinder character creation! After a brief overview of the process, they dive into a full character build.

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