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Fog’s Draft Spot

Fog’s Draft Spot Let’s look at black in Return to Ravnica for drafting. Once again we’re looking at commons and uncommons that you’ll run into during a draft and we’ll see what’s worth scooping up and what’s worth leaving be. … Continue reading

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Fog’s Draft Spot

Return to Ravnica Draft Breakdown In this draft spot, I’ll break down the white commons and un-commons of Return to Ravnica as far as their worth in draft. No point of doing the rares or mythics because, they are mostly … Continue reading

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Calvin Lai breaks down his 116-MAN Prerelease win!

How an Azorious Player Won the End Game Center’s Midnight Prerelease (and a Full Set of Dual Lands) Of the five possible guilds you could pick at the midnight pre-release, Golgari (B/G) was the first guild to run out of … Continue reading

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Standard Brew-Haha

  U/R Delversnipe Return to Ravnica has been out for a week now, the pre-release/release have come and the set looks to be very entertaining. After having a few weeks to mull around with the set, I have a few … Continue reading

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