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Some of the DelverSnipe innards


U/R Delversnipe

Return to Ravnica has been out for a week now, the pre-release/release have come and the set looks to be very entertaining. After having a few weeks to mull around with the set, I have a few ideas for some fun standard decks. This first deck is a fun deck that I have had on my mind really just to test the usefulness of a few cards. Namely Guttersnipe, Goblin Electromancer, Izzet Charm and Mizzium Mortars. These are a few cards I have had my eye on and I was looking for a real easy build that could show off their usefulness, even if it isn’t necessarily top tier.

This is the first rough build, but I thought I would throw up my initial impressions after a bit of play testing.


  • Sulfur Falls x4
  • Steam Vents x4
  • Mountain x5
  • Island x5
  • Desolate Lighthouse x2


  • Searing Spear x2
  • Brimstone Volley x4
  • Izzet Charm x4
  • Syncopate x2


  • Pillar of Flame x4
  • Mizzium Mortars x4


  • Delver of Secrets x4
  • Guttersnipe x4
  • Goblin Electromancer x4
  • Stromkirk Noble x4
  • Snapcaster Mage x4


So the deck follows the standard 20/20/20 build common with other delver decks. While I had not originally intended to make a Delver build, he just fits right into the theme of the deck by applying early pressure and having  great flip chances in a deck already heavy with instants and sorceries. Stromkirk Noble is a nice backup early pressure alternative if you do not have a Delver turn one. With lots of removal to clear the way for all your little beaters the deck aims to apply very fast early pressure with burn to the face for finishers if need be. Guttersnipe really works well to help chip away at their life if he stays alive. I noticed him getting a lot of hate as soon as people saw how much damage he can do. I cannot say enough how much work this guy does. Every spell after he hits the board has the added bonus of pinging your opponent for two damage, and it goes a long way to getting them into alpha strike range very quickly.

So Guttersnipe is a fun new creature, but what about Goblin Electromancer? At first, not too exciting. A 2/2 for a red and a blue that makes instants and sorceries one mana cheaper, but in combination with already powerful spells that can keep the pressure on, making them cheaper is always a bonus. Mizzium mortars for one? Yes please. Syncopate for one, for one!  I like him a lot, not to mention he makes a mean grizzly bear.  Izzet charm is also a winner in my book. With three great modes to keep your opponent guessing or just giving you more options to get out of a tight spot just when you need it. Charm fills a few roles here as a draw/filter for your hand, protection for your creatures or early removal. Mizzium mortars is a real powerhouse against the big four butts that have been introduced with RTR, but really it is good enough to burn early on whatever creature is in the way of you controlling the tempo. The overload for six (or cheaper with Electromancer) can be crucial late game and gives you another option if it gets to that point.

The rest of the deck is kind of standard removal and burn. The pillar of flames of course are very good against zombies which you can expect to see at any tournament you go to in the near future. Snapcaster Mage is a no brainer, and can be used as an early aggressor in a race. Syncopate I am still thinking about. It can be a crusher when it counters an early counter or burn spell to protect yourself or crush something late game if you have established presence and are swinging clear with a delver.

There are also the unsung heroes of any deck, aka the lands. Steam Vents being reprinted really allows for this deck to work. With it counting as an Island and a Mountain getting a consistent Sulfur Falls untapped and having the correct mana available at the correct time is even easier in two color decks now. Three color decks are extremely viable now as well and I am excited to see what Gate Crash does for the format with more guilds in the mix.

I expect to do some more play testing here soon and will have some more thoughts on this archetype.

Good luck with your brewing!


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2 Responses to Standard Brew-Haha

  1. Eric says:

    Cyclonic rift…

    • broberts says:

      I can’t believe I forgot to mention this card, it has been on my mind quite a bit. I am trying to find out where to put this one in this build as it does so much work and answers so many problems.

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