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The End Games will help you start a Board Game Library at your business!

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Rent Tables at The End Games

We have many extra tables for rent and we’re very easy to work with! We have 6′ and 8′ white folding tables with the best rates in Charlottesville. Daily Rental Rates 6′ Table $6.99 each 8′ Table $7.99 each Please … Continue reading

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The End Games now can run a RPG game for your group/business.

Do you have a group or a business that would love a RPG event run by a professional at a place of your chosing. These adventures can be tons of fun, can bring a team closer together, and is an … Continue reading

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Watch the crew battle some House of Danger! Check out our Youtube Channel! and subscribe!

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D&D Intro to Ravnica

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Check out our group’s Ravnica D&D playlist on our youtube channel! Check out our Channel here!

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Meet the Staff of The End Games

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     The End Games has been growing for over 8 years now!  We owe this to our great community of gamers, our town of Charlottesville, and our amazing staff.  We want you to meet the employees, the ones that … Continue reading

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We’re looking to buy ANY Gaming Collection! Cards, RPG’s, Mini’s, Board Games, Collectibles+++

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  The End Games is looking to buy your gaming collection.  We deal in everything gaming, so card games, role playing games, miniatures, collectibles, board games, and anything you have!   If you live in or around Charlottesville, Virginia, it’d … Continue reading

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New Dice Available

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MTG Grand Prix D.C. – Part 2

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When last we left our hero, I had abandoned my previous deck choice (B/G Loam Pox) in favor of my new flirt (ANT storm combo). I was executing a plan in which I distilled down my deck possibilities to a … Continue reading

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MtTG: Grand Prix D.C. – Part 1

So I’ve been a little absent from TEGs blog-o-sphere lately but that hasn’t been because I haven’t been playing Magic, quite the contrary. The past few months I have been thinking about, gold-fishing, and playing more Magic than I have … Continue reading

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