Yang Talk in the Morning: A Newish Beginning

For quite some time we here at the shop have been slowly figuring out how to use technology. After an inordinate amount of time, we are ready to unleash the beast that is our podcast “Yang Talk in the Morning”.

Ever wanted to sit around and hang with the Local Game Store dudes in a no holds barred conversation? Well, we got ya covered. In this weekly podcast series we tackle all of the important issues that you may want to discuss with other Jabronis.

Join Lionel Matrixburg, Charlie Murphy and Edd Blz on their journey to stardom, or somewhere.

Check us out on LIBSYN

Also check our YOUTUBE Channel for video versions of the casts and previous seasons.

The Podcast is NSFW for Language and Semi-Content related reasons. If you enjoy what you hear please Like, Comment and Subscribe.

For your enjoyment –

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