Eternal Masters: In-store Pre-orders!

Looking to get your hands on the upcoming Eternal Masters set? The End Games has pre-orders available in limited quantity for $249.99 per box or $239.99 for Members.

To allow everyone a fair shot and keep it in the local community the following rules are in place!

  • First come first served
  • 2 Boxes max per Customer
  • Cash or Credit Card Only
  • In-store or phone only (no website sales)
  • All orders must be prepaid

So call or come in to take advantage of this limited offer and get hyped for the treasure trove of goodies that awaits you!

Contact us at
(434) 973-2205 or


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2 Responses to Eternal Masters: In-store Pre-orders!

  1. Vernon says:

    Id liek to Oder a box

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