Heroclix: Team Player – Cable

Cable_headWith anew year upon us, let’s take a look at the future. The X-Men are known for many time-travel story lines and Cable, a mutant from the future, is prominent in these tales. DP052 Cable gave us an incredible representation of the character, packed with power. Weighing in at 163 points, he is no small investment. However, Cable is ready to pull his weight with strong stats and potent abilities.

One of Cable’s greatest assets is his Telepathic Future Leader special power, which grants him the use of Outwit, Leadership, and Probability Control. To top it off, this power cannot be countered. He has this gem for four of his seven clicks. Cable hardly needs support. With this power, he brings his own.

Cable ClixCable packs Running Shot for six of his seven clicks, but his Bodyslide power is an added bonus for four of those clicks. Bodyslide lets Cable use Improved Movement: ignores hindering, elevated, and blocking terrain. Cable goes where he wants and, when he gets there, he is going to shoot someone.

So with all of that, here are a few ideas for what you can do with Cable. He has a great list of keywords that make him a great centerpiece for most mutant-themed teams.

163 DP052 Cable
89 DP023 Domino
142 WXM042 Fantomex

PSA: If you play this team, you might lose friends. Now that you have been warned, this X-Force team has some serious punch. Fantomex can hide safely in the back and fire through his EVA bystander token. Set Domino up to shoot from hindering and, between her and Cable, you are stacked with support powers.

New Mutants
163 DP052 Cable
102 WXM034 Magik
63 WXM072 Wolfsbane
76 WXM018 Sunspot
92 WXM071 Cannonball

Use Magik to shuttle your team around. Her Travel Through Limbo power is great for this team. She can double her movement and carry the team deep into battle. The result is that you must deal one unavoidable damage to a carried character, but that lets you get Wolfsbane off her activation click. Win-Win. Cable is the only real heavy hitter on this team, but there is strong synergy potential and plenty of attack options. Keep your team close to each other and you should be set.

163 DP052 Cable
75 WXM040 Hope Summers
130 DOFP013 Wolverine
150 AVX009 Cyclops
80 DOFP009 Nightcrawler

Hope and Cable are a mean pair! Hope has the ability to copy all of an adjacent friendly character’s powers, including special powers. Keep her adjacent to Cable, and you have a very potent support piece that is protected by Invulnerability too. Wolverine and Nightcrawler are both tough close combat pieces, once because of free Regeneration and the other by just being hard to hit. This will help you tie up threats for Cable and Cyclops to attack at range.

This is just a quick look at what you can do with DP052 Cable. He is a big point investment, but I have never had him let me down. Play him with confidence!

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