A New Year, A New FNM Format – Introducing Pauper!!


As we head into 2016, it looks to be a year of exploration and change for us here at the shop. Sometimes change means letting go of a format in order to pursue something exciting and new. For our FNM schedule, that means saying goodbye to Legacy in our monthly rotation and saying hello to a new addition, Pauper!

“But what exactly is Pauper?”

Well, it is exactly like it sounds! You don’t need to be a rich man to enjoy this format’s depth and intriguing lines of play. There’s no need to burst your wallet over Rares and Mythics. Heck, why even bother yourself with tracking down 50 cents for Uncommons? No, this format is for the people who can truly appreciate the intricacy and power held in Commons. That’s right… COMMONS!

Worried that Common cards aren’t worth your time? Maybe we should have a chat about some of the following: Journey to NowhereCounterspell, Gurmag Angler, Lightning Bolt or Priest of Titania.

And don’t be afraid about missing out on any major Archetypes in the format either. There’s still plenty of room for Control, Aggro, and even Combo.

This format just keeps getting better and better!

Not everything in Pauper land is sunshine and rainbows, though. Like all eternal formats, the need for a banlist is essential. For Pauper, that means:

Another funky matter when it comes to Pauper is the fact that while the format is possible in paper, the banlist is based on cards currently available on Magic Online. What does that mean for us? Well it means certain cards either haven’t been added to MTGO yet or have had their rarity changed to reflect the new outlook the game has taken since the years of its paper printing. Key things to remember about this fact:

Are you ready???

Our first official Pauper FNM will be held Jan. 22nd at 6:30 pm. It should be an exciting time, as many local players have been ramping up their decks and testing in prep for their first outing. Hopefully we will see you there as well!!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Kreitzman


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