City Champs Approaches: Are You Prepared?

December 5th is almost upon us. Which means it is almost time for our 4th Annual City Championship!

champmat copy

City Champs is a Two-Format, all-day event held once a year. Players will battle it out to determine who is truly the best Charlottesville has to offer. This year’s event will have Standard as our Swiss rounds, followed by a Top 8 Battle for Zendikar Draft.

Rounds for the Swiss portion of the event will be based on attendance, with a current minimum of 4 Rounds, based on those pre-qualified for the event.

Those interested in playing in the event that have not been pre-qualified are still eligible to play, however! Pre-registration for the event is $15, with entry being $20 the day of the event.

Tournament Swag
On top of the normal prizes (listed below), the winner each year is immortalized on our City Champ plaque displayed in-store.

What about the real question at hand, though? What sweet prizes do we have to give away for the event! The Top Four players will walk away with some sweet prizes to culminate this year’s event:

1st Place– One box per set of each Magic release for a year! This includes: Battle for Zendikar, Oath of the Gatewatch, Shadows over Innistrad, the unnamed “Fears” set & the unnamed “Lock” set!
2nd Place– One copy each of the Return to Ravnica and Gatecrash “Shock Lands.”
3rd & 4th Place– One Battle for Zendikar Holiday Gift Box.

How Do I Get in for Free?
While we have already gone through most of our events already in order to guarantee your free entrance for the event, there are still a few chances to gain free access for yourself:

  •  Modern FNM: Nov. 27th @ 6:30pm
  •  Standard FNM: Nov. 27th @7pm
  •  Standard Win-A-Box: Nov. 29th @ 2pm

But Who Gets In For Free Already?
Over the last few months, winners of our Weekly Events have received one of our prestigious “Champion” playmats. These playmats are a “Golden Ticket” of sorts, as those who have received them have gained free access to this year’s City Championships.

Here is a list of those already pre-qualified to play in the event free of charge!:

  • John Lyles
  • Leon Hu
  •  Travis Downes
  •  Chris Hicks
  •  Dan Krouse
  •  Emilio Martinez
  •  Cassidy Nichols
  •  Sage Kyle
  •  Matthew Elliott
  •  Joseph Martinez
  •  Daniel Lemon
  •  Adam Trapp
  •  JM Whalen (our current two-time City Champ!)

So bring your “A-Game” and prepare yourself for a day full of great Magic: the Gathering excitement!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Kreitzman

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