Heroclix: Superman/Wonder Woman – Commons, Uncommons, and Rares

Now that the latest Superman/Wonder Woman Heroclix expansion is out, let’s take a closer look at the set. In this article, I am going to look at some of the Commons, Uncommons, and Rares that stand out to me. The Chases and Super Rares are cool, but these lower rarities are the ones you are most likely to pull. Thankfully, there are some cool dials in these slots so you will not be disappointed.


SMWW009 Accountable: One of the subthemes in this set is the New 52 reboot of Earth 2, an alternate world full of variants of DC Comics’ most popular heroes. Accountable is Earth 2 James Olsen, a variation of Superman’s friend from the Daily Planet, Jimmy. Accountable is a mere 33 points for a powerful Outwit. When he uses Outwit, he ignores hindering terrain and does not need a line of fire if the character is within ten squares and occupying hindering terrain. In a set full of bricks, 33 points can ruin someone’s day.

SMWW015 Hat: Hat is a member of the Justice League Elite, most of which is represented in this set. The JLE is a rougher, grittier group that clashed with Superman. Hat is a great support piece and weighs in at a small 45 points. Players can give Hat a free action to choose any standard attack power or a power action to choose any standard damage power. Need Telekinesis? Done. Probability Control? Done. Outwit? Also done. Hat is a cheap swiss army knife for your support needs. Not a bad use of a Common slot.


SMWW023 Apollo: The earliest New 52 run of Wonder Woman reimagined the Greek pantheon and made for an incredible read. Most of these new gods are in this set and Apollo is a big hitter. Apollo starts with the powerful Running Shot/Pulse Wave combo and also sports his own top dial Probability Control. To top it off, Apollo and the other Olympians have the Divine Aura trait. This trait protects him from Outwit and Probability Control unless the other character is higher points or has the Deity keyword. Weighing in at 200 points, your opponent better bank on having the Deity keyword.

  UlyssesSMWW030 Ulysses: Ulysses is a new Superman villain who plays a lot like Superman. His top dial is Hypersonic Speed, Impervious, and Super Strength. What makes Ulysses stand out is his trait. “Unstable Energy Transference” lets him ignore damage dealt by Pulse Wave and prevents him from being targeted by Penetrating/Psychic Blast. A brick who ignores Pulse Wave and P/PB is a piece worth giving some attention!


SMWW033 Wonder Woman: This Wonder Woman marks the time that Diana succeeded Ares as the Goddess of War. And she does not disappoint! She starts out with Charge, Flurry, and Sidestep to bring the fight hard. She has a deep dial with Mystics to make the enemy pay. Then to top it off, she has two great traits. The first is Divine Aura like Apollo. The second helps even out the odds when Wonder Woman is outnumbered. If Wonder Woman is outnumbered by opposing characters when she takes a non-free action, give her an Outnumbered token. Then you can trade in two Outnumbered tokens for a free attack. This Wonder Woman brings the fight!

First Born

SMWW037 First Born: This is another major villain from the New 52 Wonder Woman run and I am so excited to see him finally get clixed. First Born starts with a great defensive combination. Invincible protects him from penetrating damage while Divine Aura makes it less likely that he will get his Invincible countered with Outwit. But First Born does not just soak damage. He dishes it out with six clix of four damage. Wonder Woman may have met her match here.

This is just a few of some of the Commons, Uncommons, and Rares that caught my eye in this set. A lot of the Super Rares are great too. Supergirl especially is worth some attention. The Chases are all from the Red Son storyline, an alternate timeline where Superman crash landed in the Soviet Union rather than the United States as a child. So if you like Superman or Wonder Woman, especially her New 52 story arc, this set will scratch where you itch.

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