What a year for Dragon Ball Z (and even more on the horizon…)

This last year with Panini’s Dragon Ball Z CCG has been an amazing experience for us here in Charlottesville, VA. Since the return of the game last October, we’ve gone from being a rag-tag group of players to running monthly events, selling singles and hosting a 139 player Regional for the 2015 Season! With the season almost over, it makes me so happy to see people learning and playing the game that I was so passionate about 10 years ago once again. It is seriously mind-blowing to see how responsive the community has been as the game begins to develop into a powerhouse once again.

A lot of the credit goes to the hard work done by the guys over at Next Level Z. They have done a lot to promote the game to where it is, and our community certainly wouldn’t be what it is now without their dedication. If you haven’t checked out everything they do at their site you are truly missing out on amazing content. That all being said, it certainly has been quite a ride for all of us.

On top of all of this, Evolution’s excitement has finally started to turn into meta exploration and deck development. And while some of the game’s best players will be showcasing their new designs at World’s on the 5th, we really wished there was another event to show off the new tools at the players’ disposal…

dbz 1k tourney poster

And that is why we’ve decided to host a $1K Tournament here at The End Games on December 12th!

This event is our “thank you” to everyone who has helped make this game grow in the last year. Without you guys, this game may have never taken off, and we hope that events like this will keep people glued to the heart-pumping excitement this game and its community has to offer for years to come!

Here are the details for the event:
– Entry for the event is $35 dollars (or $30 if you pre-register at the link provided.)
– Registration will open at 10am and the first round will begin at 11am.
– Players will be required to present decklists for the event prior to Round 1.
– Rounds and Top cuts will be determined by the number of attendants.

Prize support breakdown includes:
– Promos to all participants
– Additional Promos to all Top Cut players
– Door prizes and special give-aways
– Cash prize breakdown for Top 4:
– 1st place: $500
– 2nd place: $300
– 3rd place: $100
– 4th place: $100

The event will be hosted here in Charlottesville, VA, so get those new ideas brewing and we hope to see you here after World’s!!

-Your Friendly Neighborhood Kreitzman (aka DArtagnanMF on NextLevelZ)

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