Heroclix: Monster Mash

It’s the last few days of October, so you know what that means. It’s time for the monsters to come out! This article is going to look at a few of my favorite Monster pieces and what you can do with them.

GG026 Mole Man – If you’ve played against many Monster teams, you’ve seen this oldie. He’s a staple for one simple reason: friendly Mind Control. Mole Man can Mind Control other Monsters on your team so that they can act when they are double tokened or for a second time in the same turn. He helps you get the most mileage out of your attackers.

Franken-CastleASM101 Franken-Castle – This piece is a great one to break out around Halloween. It’s from a strange story where Frank Castle, the Punisher, is killed and reassembled as a new sort of Frankenstein’s Monster. He’s a great leader for Monster teams. He can use Leadership and, if he removes a token from a Monster, he can also remove one from himself. He has a long dial with lots of close and ranged combat options. At a mere 102 points, it’s hard for me not to include him.

ASM016 Dracula 
– A true Monster, this vampire lord was one of the first wild dials, meaning his dial functions differently. Dracula starts on click 4 instead of click 1, but can heal up to click 1 through his traited Steal Energy. As Dracula drains the life from others, he becomes immensely more powerful. Great damage reducers in addition to traited Steal Energy and Stealth make Dracula very hard to put down. If you can get him up to click 1, expect him to wreck house.

BladeASM004 Blade – If you can’t tell, The Amazing Spider-Man set gave us a lot of great Monsters. Blade here is the silver bullet. He’s your answer if your opponent is bringing other Monsters out. He can use Blades/Claws/Fangs but, when he does, he increases the damage by +1 if the character has the Monster keyword, Mystical keyword, or can use Steal Energy. That damage stacks, so Blade has a potential to do 9 damage to a Monster like Dracula! Later in his dial, he picks up Exploit Weakness so there is the possibility of making those B/C/F rolls Penetrating Damage as well.

That’s just a taste to get you started. Deadpool and Guardians of the Galaxy added new Marvel Zombies to the roster. And we didn’t even get into the DC Comics side of things! The War of Light set gave us a lot of new Black Lanterns. One thing Heroclix doesn’t lack is Monsters. So break out a few of your favorites just in time for Halloween. Let me know: what are some of your favorites?

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