Heroclix: Throwback – Justice League of America

JLA 2Between a few different Avengers sets and a S.H.I.E.L.D. set, do you need a break from Marvel? Since the DC next set isn’t until later this year, let’s take a break and look back at a DC set from earlier this year: Justice League: Trinity War. I specifically want to look at the Justice League of America.

Now, this JLA isn’t the same as previous incarnations. It’s not just another name for the standard Justice League. Trinity War is a set focused on a specific cross-over event where the JLA was an American response to the Justice League. The JLA is designed to take down DC’s mightiest heroes in the event the need ever arose. And in the Trinity War story arc, we get such a fight!

Let’s review some of the must-have pieces if you want to keep the Justice League in check.

Green Arrow

JLTW208 Green Arrow – The Gravity Feed Green Arrow is vastly superior to his main set counterpart. He has great combat values up front and he stays threatening through most of his dial. His Improved Targeting ignores characters and hindering, so it’s not hard to get a shot lined up. But his best attribute his his trait. Ollie starts with six arrow tokens, which allow him to take a free action to pick one of six different powers. The list is too long to post here, but rest assured that this Green Arrow has the right ammo for any job.

Martian Manhunter

JLTW054 Martian Manhunter – This is America’s response to Superman and he feels like it. Martian Manhunter can be played at 300, 200, and 100 points. I find him the most useful at 300 points, but I also like him at 100. I recommend avoiding the 200 point dial. At 300, he’s outrageously hard to hit with a 19 defense, Super Senses, Probability Control, and traited Stealth and Shape Change. The only danger here is that Martian Manhunter has no top-dial damage reducers at 300 points, so he’s going to feel all the damage from a first hit. He takes some care to play and positioning matters a lot, but I’ve never played him without getting my points out of him. In most games I have used him, he proved untouchable.


JLTW006 Vibe – Vibe is the response to the Flash. His vibrational powers disrupt the enemy, simulated by his special damage power. Characters within range must be given a double power action to use Charge, Running Shot, Phasing Teleport, or Hypersonic Speed. Note that it’s just range, not line of fire. Keep Vibe close to your enemies but behind walls, on elevation, or behind friendly characters and he will slow your enemy down. Vibe also has Telekinesis to help mobilize your pieces or reposition enemy pieces.

JLTWFF007 Atomica – The Fast Forces version of Atomica brings one important thing to a JLA team: Probability Control. Atomica has the CSA team ability which lets her use Probability Control and put a token on any friendly character who can use this team ability. For a JLA team, she can only put tokens on herself but it’s worth it. She’s very hard to kill with a 19 defense and tiny size. Tiny size means she can also ride around on one of your attackers and guarantee they always have Prob at the ready. You’ll need that if you want to crack through the high defenses that Justice League tentpoles tend to have.

With all of that said, here are some team ideas if you want to give the JLA a run. I definitely recommend it, as they are a lot of fun to play.

135 JLTW208 Green Arrow
68 JLTW004 Katana
96 JLTW036 Green Lantern

Green Arrow is your primary attacker here, so keep him towards the back. Green Lantern is your support with Telekinesis, Enhancement, and the GLC team ability. I think I would keep everyone close to Green Arrow at first and use him to make shots. Use GL’s Enhancement to boost his damage. If the enemy tries to maneuver out of range, use the GLC team ability to move your whole team in place at once. If the enemy tries to get up on Ollie, use GL and Katana to charge in and keep them at bay.

115 JLTW038 Hawkman
135 JLTW208 Green Arrow
80 JLTW006 Vibe
68 JLTW004 Katana

Hawkman and Katana bring it close. Hawkman is a mean close combat piece with a lot of mobility. ESD on the top clicks of a close combat piece might seem like a poor choice, but it interacts well with his special movement power. He can Charge his full movement and, if he hits the enemy, then use Sidestep. Swoop in and hit someone then swoop out. Take Katana with you on this dive so you can follow up next turn with Exploit Weakness and Blades/Claws/Fangs. Vibe continues to slow down your enemy while also positioning your troops with Telekinesis. All the while, Green Arrow stays on the rim of the battle and picks off targets.

300 JLTW054 Martian Manhunter
25 FFJLTW007 Atomica
80 JLTW006 Vibe
95 JLTW022 Stargirl

This team is all about letting the Martian have his day. I would have him carry Atomica and dart around with Hypersonic Speed from hindering terrain to hindering terrain. Use Stargirl to keep Vibe in position, as well as a secondary attacker herself. Don’t underestimate Energy Explosion with two targets! If necessary, use Vibe and Stargirl to tie up opponents and keep them from ganging up on Martian Manhunter.

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