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After finishing Netflix’s Daredevil for the second time, I wanted to build some Heroclix teams around Daredevil. So this edition of “Team Player” is going to center on the devil of Hell’s Kitchen.

Last summer’s “Deadpool” set gave us two great Daredevils and this article is going to look at some of the uses for DP 015 Daredevil. Here are three 400 point theme teams built around the Man Without Fear.


1) Marvel Knights
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Daredevil is much grittier than anything Marvel Studios has released to date and the Marvel Knights keyword incorporates these kinds of rough, street-level characters.

108 DP015 Daredevil
100 DP032 Punisher
154 WXM011B Deathlok
30 ATA044 Marvel Knights x 3

Not everyone likes this Deathlok as much as I do because of his “No Killing Protocol” trait, but he offers so much damage potential. Lead with Deathlok and finish them with Daredevil or Punisher. For this team, I would choose Enhancement for Daredevil’s trait to increase Punisher and Deathlok’s ranged damage. Since they are both Sharpshooters, there aren’t too many times that Punisher or Deathlok would opt for a close combat attack over a ranged combat one.

The Marvel Knights ATA is always great, giving the entire team Stealth so you can shoot safely from cover. Make your enemy come to you, then have Daredevil strike back with Charge from hindering.

2) Heroes for Hire
 photo FullSizeRender 3_zpsbbxkt1pw.jpg

Due to his “Ally of Heroes” trait, Daredevil is also a great addition to Heroes for Hire theme teams.

108 DP015 Daredevil
79 ASM017B Brother Voodoo
65 DP023 Black Cat
115 DP031 Elektra
28 ATA085 Heroes for Hire x 3

I couldn’t pass up the chance to put Daredevil and Elektra together (Daredevil Season 2?). Definitely give Daredevil Empower and let him and Elektra go to work. Meanwhile, Black Cat supports them from Stealth with Probability Control. Brother Voodoo supports with his Probability Control and wreaks havoc with his free action Mind Control.

Additionally, the H4H ATA gives Elektra some free action attacks at her disposal to finish off a weakened foe. Daredevil doesn’t break theme on Heroes for Hire theme teams, but he doesn’t have the keyword himself so he’s not eligible for the ATA.

3) Avengers
This is without a doubt Daredevil’s most flexible keyword. There are TONS of options here, so I built one that gave me an excuse to use some new figures from the “Avengers Assemble” set.

108 DP015 Daredevil
109 AVAS052 Ronin
58 AVAS037 Manifold
115 GOTG207R Captain Marvel
10 ATA044 Marvel Knights

(I don’t own this Captain Marvel yet, so no photo of this team)

Manifold can carry the entire team into place and then buff up their defenses. Barrier and Telekinesis are great support, but I will probably push him onto click two and get Probability Control instead of Telekinesis.

The Marvel Knights ATA gives Daredevil Stealth, so he and Ronin can go full ninja and ambush enemies from hindering terrain with Charge. Both ignore hindering terrain for movement, so don’t worry about getting them tied up. Captain Marvel serves to mop up and direct flow with her Hypersonic Speed. She protects the ninjas by targeting any enemies who ignore hindering terrain for line of fire.

So there’s some Daredevil to get you started, but he’s a versatile piece so get creative! Bring on the blind justice!

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