HeroClix – A New Guy’s Guide to Hulk Busting

AoU 008 Hulk
The Avengers are here in force this summer and you can expect to see them in just about any Heroclix game through this fall. “Avengers” is already a powerful and diverse keyword but, with three different Avengers-themed sets between now and July and a significant showing in a fourth set this summer, they will only become more potent. So let’s talk Avengers. Specifically, I want to look at how to take down the big green rage monster. What’s a new guy do when he sees this beast across the map?

Heroclix is made for characters like the Hulk. Who doesn’t want to pick up a dumpster and smack someone? And last month’s Avengers: Age of Ultron set gave us an incredible piece: AoU 008 Hulk. He can be played at a staggering 300, 250, or 200 points. So here’s a look at his dial. Make sure to read his “Enormous Green Monster” trait and “He Only Leaves Rubble” power!

Here are a few things to think about for a new player trying to bust this Hulk:

1) Pulse Wave: This is a given, right? Pulse Wave is the great equalizer in Heroclix. Because Pulse Wave will ignore all of Hulk’s powers, abilities, and traits it will cut through his damage reducers and he won’t get an Anger token. The only drawback is that Hulk is going to get in your face quickly, making it tougher to pull off that coveted single-target Pulse Wave. Running Shot/Pulse Wave doesn’t make Hulk angry. It makes him afraid.

2) Outwit: Outwit is the bane of most bricks, but not this Hulk. Outwitting him comes with a risk. He gets an Anger token each time and those can add up quickly. If you use Outwit too many times, he’ll just use those Anger tokens to beef up his Regeneration roll and undo all your hard work. Sometimes it’s worth the risk, but use it with caution.

3) Perplex: If Outwit is too risky, Perplex offers a safe way to slow Hulk down. Perplex down his movement so that his Charge distance is shortened (remember, replace then modify values) or Perplex down his damage to soften the blows. And, of course, Perplex down his defense to make him an easier target. Because he’s a Giant, it’s still easy to draw lines of fire to him on a crowded battlefield.

4) Penetrating Damage: Thankfully, Hulk has Impervious or Invulnerability rather than Invincible for most of his dial. This leaves him vulnerable to penetrating damage, so make sure you pack some Penetrating/Psychic Blast or Exploit Weakness. He’ll get an Anger token, but at least the damage will stick.

5) Coordinated Attack: When you do damage to the Hulk, don’t try to whittle him down with a little bit of damage each turn. He’ll just accumulate Anger tokens and get a large Regeneration for it later. His Regeneration is on his stop-clicks, so make sure you’re ready for a follow up attack in the same turn or Hulk is coming back with all his action tokens cleared. Gang up on him! Hulk wins most one-on-one fights, so bring back-up. The more the merrier.

Happy Hulk busting!

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