December Events List!

Saturday 1st – Board Game Tournament

Sunday 2nd – Mini Masters @2PM $5


Saturday 8th – Warhammer Fantasy @10PM $10/12

Sunday 9th – Dystopian Wars Legendary Battle 1500 Points/person $5/6 @11AM

French EDH $10/12 @2PM for a Revised Bayou!


Saturday 15th – Flames of War Gamer Club @10AM Yu-Gi-Oh! for a Playmat Sleeves and Deckbox (1st) and a Playmat (2nd) $5/6 @2PM


Sunday 16th – Standard Win-A-Box of Gatecrash $15/20 if there are 50 or more players Win a CASE! @2PM


Saturday 22nd – Warhammer 40k $10/12 @10AM

Cardfight Vanguard @6PM $5/6 for Pack Prizes

Sunday 23rd – MTG Modern for a Thoughtseize $5/6 @2PM


Saturday 29th – Halo Tournament! $10 (door fee and 2v2) $5 per additional tournament (for prize pool)

Sunday 30th – MTG Draft (Rare Draft) @2PM

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