Heroclix: Plan and Execute – Telekinesis

This month we’re taking a look at an important strategic power: Telekinesis. Telekinesis is a wordy power, but it’s a valuable tool once you get the hang of it.

Telekinesis: Give this character a power action and designate a target character or object (A) and a destination square (B).This character, A, and B must all be within 8 squares and line of fire of each other. Place A in B. If A is a character, it must be a single base character and possess the Tiny or Standard damage symbol. If A is an opposing character, make a close or ranged combat attack that deals no damage against A, and only place the character in B if the target is hit. If A is an object and B is occupied by an opposing character, this character may make a ranged combat attack targeting the character occupying B, dealing object damage and destroying the object. A character that has been placed by Telekinesis this turn can’t use Telekinesis this turn.

Too much? Think of Telekinesis like a triangle. In the picture below, Polaris is using Telekinesis to move Banshee.

  1. The figure using Telekinesis must have a line of fire to the target object or figure.
  2. The figure using Telekinesis must have a line of fire to the destination square.
  3. The object or figure targeted by Telekinesis must have a line of fire to the destination square.
  4. The figure using Telekinesis, the target, and the destination must all be within 8 squares of each other.

Got it? Now it’s time to see what you can do with it! Here’s three ideas to get you started.

The TK Cannon
The TK Cannon is when you use Telekinesis to launch a figure at an opponent. This may be because the figure doesn’t have good mobility or lacks move and attack powers. It’s also useful for pairing with Charge or Running Shot to increase your threat range. For example, a character with Charge and an 8 movement has a reach of 12 when paired with Telekinesis.

The Yo-Yo
High defense values and damage reducers are a great way to survive attacks, but the best defense is positioning so you can’t be attacked at all. Telekinesis can help you do that. You can do it with Charge, but it works best with Running Shot or Hypersonic Speed. Send your attacker in to deal damage and then pull them back out with Telekinesis. For example, DP051 Banshee has Running Shot and a range of 8. Send him out to take a shot, then use WXM017 to Telekinesis him back to safety. The Yo-Yo lets you deal damage while making the enemy come to you.

Stealth Busting
If you can’t see Batman in the bushes to take a shot at him, chuck a dumpster at him. When you use Telekinesis to make a ranged attack with an object, you draw a line of fire to the square that the target is in and not the target character itself. That means Stealth won’t trigger.

Some of the strangest and most interesting moments I’ve had in Heroclix involved Telekinesis. It’s a versatile power, so add it to your team and get creative!

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