Heroclix: Team Player – Spider-Man

I’ve always liked Spider-Man. I grew up watching the 90’s cartoon and reading The Amazing Spider-Man. But Spider-Man has often been lacking in Heroclix. There are plenty to choose from, but they all leave something lacking to me. Finally we got the definitive Spider-Man last summer in The Superior Foes of Spider-Man set: SFSM049 Spider-Man

So what exactly does this piece bring to the table?

High Mobility – Spider-Man has Hypersonic Speed and Improved Movement: Ignores Elevated and Hindering. This gives Spidey the ability to go just about anywhere he wants with ease.

Strong Defense – Spider-Man lacks any way to reduce damage, but he’s a pain to hit in the first place. He starts out with a printed 18 defense. He never drops below 17 and picks up Combat Reflexes mid-dial. But that’s not what makes him tough. Spider-Man has traited Super Senses that ignores Precision Strike. Additionally, you get +1 to your Super Senses roll against ranged attacks.

Strong First Strike – Spider-Man starts with a printed 3 damage and Super Strength. Because he’s 100 points, he can pick up Ultra Heavy objects. That’s right – Spider-Man’s going to swing in for 6 damage on his first attack. After that first strike, his damage output is average but don’t underestimate the value of such a crippling first blow. Pack some Outwit on your team and time that strike well.

Tie-Up – Spider-Man comes with built-in tie-up capability. He comes packaged with a web ClixFX base that you put on a character after Spider-Man hits them. Characters with this web marker have to roll to break-away and cannot automatically break-away. Want more of a nuisance? It stays there until that character breaks away or Spider-Man puts it on someone else.

Spider-Man Family
100      SFSM049 Spider-Man
65        DP023 Black Cat
100      DP011 Silver Sable
35        SFSM048 Frog-Man

This team is built to make Spidey shine. The whole team can copy Black Cat’s Defenders TA so he can pass around his 18 defense. Even Frog-Man can use it if he’s adjacent to Silver Sable. Spider-Man is your close combat; Sable is your ranged. Black Cat offers support in the TA and Probability Control. Sable has Outwit to make Spider-Man’s first strike shine. Frog-Man is there for tie-up, Mastermind fodder, and just general harassment.

100      SFSM049 Spider-Man
94        AAOU009 Hawkeye
75        UXM055 Scarlet Witch
130      NFAOS049 Captain America

This team is Super Rare heavy (three out of four), but it looked too fun not to play. Scarlet Witch offers support with Enhancement and Probability Control. Hawkeye and Captain America offer your ranged options (note: this is Sam Wilson as Captain America). Spider-Man brings the pain up close.

100      SFSM049 Spider-Man
70        CWSOP036 Microbe
100      UXM050 Beast
75        UXM022 Beast
150      IIM001AE Iron Man

This team is brains over brawn! It has four sources of Outwit to really hamper your opponent. Normally I don’t like having to characters with the same name, but these two Beasts are different. One is the present day Beast. The other is from the past brought into the present by the modern day Beast (I know, X-Men and their time travel). The advantage here is that UXM050 gets traited Probability Control as a result of his past Beast being on the team. Leave it to the scientists for something so convoluted, right?

There’s a glimpse of what you can do with SFSM049 Spider-Man. I hope he amuses you as much as he has me.

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