Heroclix: Throwback – Suicide Squad

Wizkids confirmed that we’ll get more Suicide Squad in this fall’s Joker’s Wild. But can you wait that long? Because I certainly can’t. Here’s a look at some of the stand-out characters to build your own Task Force X.

WallerFL034 Amanda Waller – Waller’s an expert at making people work against their own interests and this figure fits the niche. Her Special Recruit trait lets you add a character of 150 points or less with the Arkham Asylum, Injustice League, Rogues, Secret Society of Super Villians, or Society keyword to your Suicide Squad theme team.  Some of my favorites include FL047 Zoom, FFLOD004 Black Manta, WF055 Metallo, TT037a Deathstroke, BM048 Mr. Freeze. But the list goes on and on. Get creative!

WKD15-013 Deadshot – This was a monthly LE figure, but he shouldn’t be too hard for you to track down. Deadshot is a great ranged attacker with a reasonable price point. He has traited Ranged Combat Expert, which also lets him modify his range value. His top click is a sniper’s dream: 12 attack, 10 range, Stealth, and Ranged Combat Expert.


FL046 Harley Quinn – At 65 or 50 points, Harley is an outstanding support piece. I always recommend the 65-point version if you can spare the 15 points. She’s worth it. Harley buffs up a single piece on your team with Perplex and Probability Control. She also has Sidestep, Outwit, and penetrating Poison. She’s a bit fragile, so don’t expect her to do your heavy lifting but she really pulls the squad together.

FFFL003 Mirror Master – The Suicide Squad lacks a lot mobility, but Mirror Master makes up for it by being able to carry five friendly characters if they share a keyword with him. Couple that with Probability Control and Mirror Master is outstanding support. He’s without a doubt one of my favorites.

Another thing to to note is the Suicide Squad Team Ability.

Suicide Squad – When a friendly character adjacent to a character using the Suicide Squad team ability is KO’d, roll a d6 and subtract 2 from the result, minimum result 1. After the action is resolved, if this character is not KO’d, you may heal it of damage equal to the result.

If you really want to get nasty, use FL034 Amanda Waller to get FFFL006 Pied Pier on the team. As his rat bystander tokens die, your team gets healed.

Here are some team ideas to get you started:

100      WKD15-013 Deadshot
75        FFFL003 Mirror Master
121      JLTW045 Killer Frost

This is a pretty straight forward team. Frost and Deadshot are your ranged attackers. Mirror Master supports them with Probability Control and positioning. If your enemy gets too close, you can carry your shooters to safety in a better position.

60        FL034 Amanda Waller
150      FL047 Zoom
90        WKD15-015 Captain Boomerang
100      WKD15-013 Deadshot

Zoom is your special recruit, serving as a nasty attacker and a source of Probability Control. Deadshot and Captain Boomerang are both ranged pieces. Don’t forget Waller’s Outwit. It’ll make sure your damage gets through or you can use it to prevent the enemy from closing in on you with Running Shot, Charge, or Hypersonic Speed.

75        FFFL003 Mirror Master
75        FFFL001 Captain Cold
65        FL046 Harley Quinn
83        FL023 Captain Boomerang
96        SM023 Manchester Black
100      WKD15-013 Deadshot

Harley and Mirror Master support the squad as they take shots at the other team. Manchester Black can do some damage, but you might find his Telekinesis more useful in many situations. I would probably pick Deadshot to be Harley’s puddin’ and receive her bonuses, though Captain Boomerang might be a good choice too.

So there you have it: The Suicide Squad! I think they’re a blast to play and FL034 Amanda Waller just gives you so many team building options. I’m looking forward to Joker’s Wild this fall, but here’s a taste to get you started.

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