Heroclix: Let It Snow!

Comic books are full of elemental-based powers and ice is no different. So, just in time for December, let’s look at some of the latest cold-powered clix.

FL038 Captain Cold – This one is a particular favorite of mine. Captain Cold is leader of the Rogues, a colorful collection of criminals who fight against the Flash. Cold’s great trick is his Ice Block markers. At the beginning of your turn, he can place one within range and line of fire. Also, he can place one in the square of any character he hits with an attack. When an opposing character occupying or adjacent to an Ice Block tries to move, they must break away as if it were a character with Plasticity. In short, Captain Cold freezes your enemies in place!

Mr Freeze

BM048 Mister Freeze – Mister Freeze brings some much needed ranged combat to Arkham Asylum teams. Freeze has six range and can target three people at a time. To make it sweeter, his trait gives him +1 attack for each character he targets. Late in his dial, Freeze makes ice walls by using Barrier with +3 range. After placing the blocking markers, he can use Incapacitate as a close combat action against any enemy adjacent to the markers.

JLTW045 Killer Frost – This is the latest ice queen and she does not disappoint. Frost has traited Steal Energy, which she can use with either close or ranged combat attacks. This keeps her in the fight. To make her trickier, her top three clicks leave your enemy cold. Anyone who attacks her receives an action token. If you cannot give them a token, deal them one unavoidable damage instead. With her ability to heal, you should not have too much trouble keeping her on those three clicks.


IIM026 Blizzard – Blizzard is the only Marvel character to make the list this time around. He starts out with Running Shot and Pulse Wave. What’s not to love about that? Late dial, he gets a special Pulse Wave that immobilizes characters under 75 points and gives an action token to one hit character under 150 points. And all of this comes for a tiny 75 points!

So there is a quick taste of some winter figures. Iceman is a glaring absence from this list, but he has not been an easily available character for a couple years now. Hopefully, next year’s Uncanny X-Men set will change that. In the meantime, here are some cold-hearted villains to get you started. Let it snow indeed!

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