Standard Brew Ha-Ha! Villainous Wealth



If you have been watching our stream lately, you may have noticed a Villainous Wealth deck running around getting some fun games in. The deck seemed to generate enough interest that I figured I would post up the deck list for everyone who wanted to take the deck for a spin or give it their own twist.

This is the current build, with notable changes being a refined sideboard and the addition of two Mana Confluence in the main. Overall the strategy remains the same. Kill things early to protect your neck until you can flash in a Dictate of Karametra then try to Villainous Wealth your opponent for Maximum Fun(value). Or protect an early Ashiok, Nightmare Weaver and ride either the Mill plan or steal some nasty beasts from their own deck. Basically, you are trying to kill them with their own deck, maybe it should be Sultai Klepto instead.

Let me know what you guys think, or any changes that you think you can be made. Also make sure to check out our Stream on our Twitch Channel to keep up with the latest action!

– Brain

Villainous Wealth (That Doo-Doo)

Main Deck – 60 Cards



Non-Land Permanents



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