Deck Spotlight – Green/White Whack-a-Mole

If you have been around the shop lately, chances are you have run into Daniel Mimms and his G/W standard list, chances are also high that you got smashed hard by it. Here is a look at what The Rowdy Russian has been bringing to the table!


Lands  22
Sunpetal Grove 4
Temple Garden 4
Forest  8
Plains 6

Creatures  20
Dryad Militant 3
Judges Familiar 4
Strangleroot Geist 4
Voice of Resurgence 2
Silverblade Paladin 2
Loxodon Smiter 4
Centaur Healer 1

Spells 18
Rancor 4
Selesnya Charm 4
Call of the Conclave 4
Rootborn Defense 2
Advent of the Wurm 4

Young Wolf 3
Vitu-Ghazi Guildmage 1
Centaur Healer 3
Rootborn Defense 2
And other negligible things



So, the deck is inspired by Craig Wescoe’s Block constructed White Weenie. The main difference is the lack of Experiment One (and 2 pricey Deer Men), for Rancors and Strangleroot Geists. The deck is slightly slower than Naya Blitz, but offers way more tricks and resilience. Most notably Main-boarding Rootborn Defenses. Sometimes it’s a turn 3 value swing for an extra centaur and sometimes it’s a turn 5 Blowout for an extra Wurm. It feels like a perfect marriage of Tempo and Aggro, thanks largely to instant speed creatures and Selesnya Charm always being relevant.

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