Dragon’s Maze Game Day – Finals Decklists!

Take a gander at the beasts that battled for the top spot in our Dragon’s Maze Game Day this past weekend! JM from Team BIG (Bombs In Grip) brought the heat with his version of Re-Animator dropping Slimers Ecto Cooler style, beating out Joel Revels and his Bant Control list.

Here are the guts of these two Championship decks!


JM Whalen – 1st Place   //   Ecto Cooler (Junk Re-Animator)

Creatures – 26

Spells – 11

Lands – 23

Sideboard – 15



And Second but not forgotten is Mr. Revels.

Joel Revels – 2nd Place     //    Bant Control

Creatures – 11

Spells – 24

Planeswalkers – 2

Lands – 23

Sideboard – 15



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