Celestial Storm Prerelease at The End Games

Hey Everyone.  Many of you all know me as Thomas or “TRowe” around the shop and for those of you who don’t I hope we get to meet in the future.  In this video blog I document my journey through the newest Pokemon set to release, Celestial Storm.  I do a little bit about the packs I open and why I built my deck, and then a little before and after thoughts between rounds with my opponents.

A short little gaming history on myself.  I have been playing some form of Trading Card Game the vast majority of my life.  I played Pokemon when I was younger from base set through the first gym sets.  From there I played Magic the Gathering and the Dragonball Z card game.  I am not a high level tournament player but I do like to consider myself an above average player in the vast majority of games I have played.

I plan on doing some more tournament reports for events I plan on attending for Pokemon in the future and possibly some deck techs as well.  Those of you who come by the store on Thursday nights will see that Pokemon has really been taking off locally and we would love to have you play.   Right now is a great time to get into the game if you have been thinking about it with the upcoming standard rotation after worlds.

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