2015 MTG City Championship – December 5th

The 4th Annual City Championship Magic the Gathering tournament will be taking place on Saturday December 5th at 12PM. Can anyone Dethrone the two-time defending Champ J.M. Whalen?

This years format will be a bit different than the previous years. We will have the Standard tournament as normal, but after the cut to the Top 8 players we will have a Standard Draft to determine the winner. So start practicing your limited play!

All TEG FNM events (Standard, Modern, Legacy, Draft, Duel Commander) as well as our Saturday/Sunday tournaments will give you the chance to take home a Champion playmat which automatically qualifies you for entry into the City Championship event. That gives you a solid two months to try and win your way into the event, not to mention coming away with a pretty awesome mat.

champmat copy

If you cannot make it to one of our qualifier events you can always pre-register for $15 or pay at the door for $20.

1st Place – Starting with Battle for Zendikar 1st place takes home a box of MTG of the newest set upon release for the next year! Not to mention you get your name engraved onto the Plaque of Champions displayed in the store.

2nd Place – 1x Copy of each Shockland (10 in total) (approx $100 Value)

3rd/4th Place – Each will receive the latest MTG Holiday Giftbox


Where:  The End Games, 143 Zan Road Charlottesville VA, 22901

When: Saturday December 5th at 12PM (registration opens at 11, arrive early to fill out decklists or arrive with one prepared)

Entry: $15 Pre-register or $20 at the door. Or Win a Champion mat in one of our qualifying events.

Format: Standard Tournament with rounds based on attendance with a Cut to top 8 where there will be a Draft format tournament to determine the winner.

So get ready to play some Magic and we hope to see some familiar faces there battling for the pride of C’Ville.

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  1. Lance says:

    When will pre-registration be made available for the City Championships? I also noticed it is not on your Events calendar. Are the two things related?

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