Warhammer 40K Tournament – Saturday February 8th

Saturday February 8th, The End Games will be hosting a Warhammer 40K Tournament! For full information and rules take a peek below. First place takes home a Realm of Battle game board! If you have any questions feel free to email or call us to clarify!

Registration starts at 10AM with the first round beginning promptly at 11AM. Entry fee is $10 pre-register, $15 at the door. Call or come in to pre-reg.


1850 points

-Warlord powers rolled out of the main rulebook will use one dice. This result can be used on any of the three tables. This roll cannot be switched to use into a codex specific chart.

-Any models using any FW/IA rules MUST contact a T.O. for approval before Thursday February 6th. Any participants that bring unapproved rules will answer to the discretion of the T.O. the day of the tournament.

-All forces must use their most recent codex, including WD replacements.


1.) Supplemental Codecies will no longer be able to ally to their base codex. Also codecies cannot ally with themselves, even if rules allow them to do so.


2.) Dataslates/Inquisitorial Supplement will take an ally slot. Taking units from many, many different books and ignoring the force organization chart is too much. This change will make dataslates an interesting addition to the game, without allowing for truly bizzare armies. As an added bonus of explanations, we feel that the codex and allies works well and we encourage people to use allies, but being able to use so many different things at once is mind blowing and hard to list check. So in order to prevent this, we enacted the first two rules.


3.) No Escalation or Stronghold Assault units. Fortifications from main rulebook are still allowed.


4.) Tabling an opponent will not give an auto-full point win in objective based missions. The game is meant to be fun and complete wiping an opponent does not follow our idea of good sportsmanship. If you do manage to wipe an opponent, kudos but you must still adhere to mission objectives. Mission are meant for a reason and we don’t want people ignoring them. If you can’t grab the objectives needed, then you did not complete your mission. If you table your opponent with turns left, the game will continue as normal for the player left to try to finish missions.


5.) The Grimoire of True Names will only affect the natural Daemon Invulnerable Save. It will not affect invulnerable saves provided by wargear, psychic powers, fortifications, etc. While we did not want to single ANY codex, we feel that the Grimoire unbalances the game too much in favor of a single army. Instead of banning it, we feel that only affecting Daemons units natural invulnerable saves was a good, fair and fluffy compromise.


6.) Any given unit may only be affected by one blessing and one malediction at a time. This is to prevent units from being completely bogged down by effects that would render them as less than pity grots.




Best Tactician: 40% of Entry Fees AND a Realm of Battle Gameboard

Best Overall: 30% of Entry Fees

Best Painted: 10% of Entry Fees

20% of Entry Fees will be given DURING the Tournament of Secret Round Goals Revealed that day!


Best Tactician will be the player with the most Mission Points at the end of the tournament.

Best Overall will be the player with the most Mission Points, Sportsmanship, and Painting Score.

Best Painted will be the army that is painted the best by PARTICIPANT decisions and voting.


Sportsmanship: All players receive full sportsmanship scores of 10 each match and are assumed to have good sportsmanship scores. A player may file a sportsmanship claim against their opponent, in which the TO will investigate this claim. If he deems the complaint as truly unsportsmanlike, the following consequences will be enforced:

1st Complaint: Verbal warning

2nd Complaint: -5 pts of sportmanship for the round.

3rd Complaint: -10 pts of sportsmanship for the round and -5 pts of sportsmanship for each other round.



Unprimed models: 0 pts

Primed Models: 5 pts

Three color minimum: 10 pts

Based and detailed: 15 pts



10:00-11:00AM: Registration

11:00 AM-1:00PM: Round One

1:00PM-2:00PM: Lunch Break

2:00-4:00:Round Two

4:00-4:30: Break

4:30-6:30: Round Three

6:30-7:00: Closing, Prizes, Etc.



Each Mission has 3 Primary GOALS with 8 Mission Points Each and 3 Secondary GOALS worth 2 Mission Points each for a total of 30 Base Mission Points per game.

Drawn Primary GOALS are worth 4 Mission Points.

Drawn Secondary GOALS are worth 0 Mission Points.

Primary GOALS:

GOAL #1 Crusade

An Automatic total of three (3) “Crusade” Objectives will be used for this goal. At the end of the game, the player who controls the most “Crusade” objectives wins this goal. “Crusade” Objectives cannot be placed within 6″ of any LONG board edge or 3″ of any SHORT table edge or within 6″ of another “Crusade” objective.

GOAL #2 The Emperor’s Will

Two Objectives, One in each deployment zone, they cannot be placed within 6″ of any table edge or 3″ of another objective.

GOAL #3 Purge the Alien

At the end of the game, the Player with the most Victory Points wins this GOAL.

Secondary GOALS

#1- Slay the Warlord #2 Linebreaker #3 First Blood


Mission #1: Mr. Gorbachev Tear Down That Wall

Deployment: Dawn of War

Heavy Support Choices are scoring but are worth an additional Victory Point if destroyed.

Special Rules:

Reagan Smash! : Once per game, 1 model may add +1 to its To Wound Roll OR +1 to its Vehicle Damage Roll. This counts for 1 individual, single roll of one dice.


Mission #2: Paul Walker’s Dead, but Ricky Bobby Aint!

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Fast Attack Choices are scoring but are worth an additional Victory Point if destroyed.

Special Rules:

If You’re Not First, You’re Paul Walker: All Vehicles can may move an extra d6 inches when going Flat Out. If this is used, roll another d6. On a roll of 1, the vehicle will suffer a stunned result and loses a hull point.


Mission #3: I can’t feel my legs, I can’t feel my legs.

Deployment: Hammer and Anvil

HQ Choices are scoring but are worth an additional Victory Point if destroyed.

Special Rules:

In Chess, The Pawns Always Move First: On each player’s first turn, your Warlord and any unit he may be attached to, may forego its entire Movement Phase, any Run rolls, and any Assault Movements. If he does, the rest of your army may choose to move an additional d6 inches during its movement phase. Each unit will roll separately.


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