April Tournament Schedule @ The End Games

Saturday the 6th: Yu-Gi-Oh! 1st – Shooting Quasar Dragon  2nd – Daigusto Phoenix 3rd– Judgment Dragon

Min 8 players – $8 Pre-Register / $10 Door @2PM

Sunday the 7th: MTG Modern T ournament for a Tarmogoyf.

Min 8 Players – $15 Pre-Register / $18 @2pm

Saturday the 13th: MTG Sealed deck Tournament w/top 8 Draft. 1st Place: 1 of each Shock Land from RTR/GC, 2nd: Foil Cavern of Souls

STARTS at 1pm

$25 entry prereg/$26 door @ 2pm

min 16 people

Sunday the 14th: MTG Legacy tournament. 1st: Thoughtseize  Min 8 $7 Pre-Register / $9 Door.

Vanguard Tournament @ 3pm

 Saturday the 20th: Netrunner Tournament $10 @1PM

 40k Tournament  1999+1 Point limit. Battle point scoring all 3 rounds. @Time TBA $10 Pre-Register / $12 Door

Sunday the 21st: MTG Standard, Win-A-Set of Dragon’s! Maze (1 of each card)

Min 12 Players – $8 Pre-Register / $10 Door @2PM

Friday the 26th: Dragon’s Maze Pre-Release @Midnight $25

Sunday the 28th: Dragon’s Maze Pre-Release! @2pm $25

Saturday the 27th: Dragon’s Maze Pre-Release! @2pm $25

We also have our weekly events as follows…

Monday/Tuesday: RPG Night and Free Play

Wednesday: MTG Draft @ 7PM

Thursday: MTG Draft @ 9:30PM

Friday: FNM @ 7PM, MTG Draft following (~10:30PM)

Saturday: Yu-Gi-Oh! @2PM, Commander League @5-10PM

Sunday: Free Play

– Make sure to show up before tournament start times to aid in the sign up process and allow us to start on time! – Thanks =)

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